Alamosa, Colorado

the gateway to the San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley has a wide variety of beautiful and fun places to visit.

There are many events hosted in the San Luis Valley, making it not only beautiful but also a fun place to live.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve


Settled against a backdrop of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a beautiful place to visit. The dunes invite you to explore and bask in the beauty of the San Luis Valley

Visit The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve for more information, events, alerts, and the history of the Dunes.

The Alligator Farm


The Alligator Farm is a great place to take the kids on a family day out. It's free for children under five and seniors over 80.

See a wide variety of animals, from alligators and snakes to birds and amphibians.  Participate in a reptile handling class, or for the braver soul a gator wrestling class. Visit the Alligator Farm Website for hours, prices, events, and much more.

Alamosa & Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge


The Alamosa and Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge is home to thousands of migrating birds and other wildlife. During the Sandhill Crane migration, you can see as many as 20,000 cranes. The city of Monte Vista established the annual Monte Vista Crane Festival, and provides education and tours in March.

The wildlife refuge is also home to a variety of hawks, falcons, owls, and many more, which can be seen year round.

Visit the Wildlife Refuge website for more information.

Zapata Falls

The falls are a run off of Zapata Lake. The trail to the falls is open year round and is a beautiful sight to behold any time of year. Visit the falls duing the winter for a particularly beautiful experience of the frozen falls.  Please take the necessary precautions when visiting the falls, as the rocks can be slippery and dangerous.

Events Calendar

The San Luis Valley hosts many events ranging from rodeos to art shows, showcasing the San Luis Valley's culture, and beauty. 

Visit the San Luis Valley Events Calendar for more information on dates, times, and locations.